Now this is what we call an "Economic Stimulus"!

H2R2013: European Free-For-All!

For over a decade, StreetSafari has been the cutting edge of the Budget Rally industry. For 2013, the edge isn't the only thing we're cutting.

We're cutting the price.... to ZERO!

Home2Rome holds the record for Largest European Banger Rally and is the European event for the 2013 season.

Registration for Home2Rome is FREE for all teams. The three-member limit will also be waived this year.

Home2Rome is a five day event scheduled for July 22 to July 26. Check-in is required the evening before the event.

BABE Rally 2013 marks the final running of our American event. The dates for BigApple2BigEasy are May 13 to May 17. In addition to being earlier this year, there are other significant route changes as well.

Full details for either event are available in that event's section of the site.

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