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Entering BABE Rally 2013 "The Great American Banger Rally"

Registration (signup) for events is a two step process.

  1. StreetSafari Rally Circuit Registration ("pre-registration")
  2. Signup for your chosen event(s)

Think of it as having a member account, and then using that member account to make purchases. After creating your member account in the Rally Circuit, you will use that login for all future individual event signups.

Rally Circuit membership is free and without obligation. Fees apply only when you sign up for an event. Circuit memberships do not time out. Teams have signed up for the Rally Circuit and come back several seasons later to actually participate in an event.

If you have added your team to the StreetSafari Rally Circuit:

... go directly to the event signup area below. Enter your login and password to begin.

If you do not yet have a Rally Circuit membership:

... you may create both accounts now.

If you are pre-registered but have lost or did not receive your login details:

... click here to have your details sent to you.

* IMPORTANT: Pre-registered teams are not registered for any StreetSafari event. When you choose to participate in an event, you must visit that event's web site and complete the signup process. You must also pay any fees associated with the event and receive confirmation for that specific event. Pre-registration is without cost or obligation.

Fee and Payment Schedule

Registration is not complete until all fees are paid. There will be a tiered payment schedule for BABE2013. Rates are determined by payment date, not signup date. To qualify for the reduced rate, or to assure your team's Rally Package, payments must be received by the date listed below.

Rates are per team, one team per car. Please remember that support vehicles are not in the spirit of the event. Any vehicle accompanying the event must be signed up for the event with the appropriate fee paid, regardless of whether the car is 'competing' or not.

February 18, 2013 Registration Opens
March 31, 2013 Last Date for Early Registration Fees to be received
April 30th, 2013 Last Date for Standard Registration Fees to be received



The following fees are in place for BigApple2BigEasy 2013, based on the following formula:

Early Registration $250
Standard Registration $300
Refunds for team spaces are unavailable and entry places are not transferable. At least one name from the original sign up must remain on the team record at all times, and that person must be present during Night 0 Check-In at the time of the event. Signing up for the event indicates agreement with all terms of participation.

Optional Items

You may purchase a set of vinyl Rally Stickers for your Team car. The pack includes large numbers for both front doors, your team name for both sides of the car, team member names for the rear windows and a set of stickers to indicate whether you are a veteran of a previous StreetSafari rally.

Sticker packages maybe be added to registration fees for an additional £40 for European events, $40 for BABE Rally. Should you decide to purchase the package later, the cost increases to £50 and $50 respectively, so take advantage of the registration combo incentive.

As you can see from photos of previous events, the official sticker packs give a very professional, cohesive image to all the cars that sport them.

Regardless of whether or not you purchase the official Sticker Pack, there are certain requirements for numbers and other identifiers on your car. Specific information will be provided to confirmed teams.

Rally Packages

Each team will receive a standard Rally Package that includes printed or printable material. Information will include some extra challenge information, and hotel reservation information.

Portions of the Rally Package may be delivered in different ways and different times, including, but not limited to, download from this site, postal mail, hand delivery, or pick-up at Check-In. Regular updates by way of the Event mail list will keep you informed as to what to look for and when.


Cash prizes are available for the Teams who accumulate the most points. The exact value of the prizes is based on the number of total teams entered and will be posted closer to the event.

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