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BABE2012 Day 2 Costume Day & Water Pistol Fight

As you may or may not know, one of the signature (in other words, quirky, and often bizarre) elements of BABE Rally is Costume Day. This is the day you dress up in some prescribed costume and head off in public to complete some challenge for points.

A lot of thought goes into the annual costume. Not all thoughts are serious, not all pan out, and not all are while sober, which explains a lot of how the decision process works.

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BABE2011 First Place Winners Foolswagen

BigApple2BigEasy 2011 Winners

The winners of BigApple2BigEasy 2011 Banger Rally are:

Honey Wagon
Two More Misfits
Biggest Banger:
Two Horsemen of the Carpocalyps
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BABE Rally 2010 Group Photo

BABE 2010 Group Photo on Day 2, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Day 2 is traditionally Costume Day. The 2010 theme was "The Wizard of Oz."

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Foolswagen takes it easy after a long day to Gadsden

BABE2010: Acting Like a Five Year Old

We're off to see the Wizard... or maybe we're just off. BigApple2BigEasy 2010 rolled across the Finish Line. And we lived.

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BABE Rally 2010 Winners

BigApple2BigEasy 2010 Winners

The winners of End2End 2010 Banger Rally are:

Pride of Cleveland (Ohio, they are quick to add)
Spirit of '76
Mustache Bonanzathon
UberBanger (Biggest Pile of Rubbish):
Half Ginger, in "The Limo" (surprise surprise)
Most Misery (Team That Suffered the Most):
Organizer's Choice, awarded this year to the "BABE Welcome Wagon":
Muffuletta Run
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A lonely old gas pump is the last guardian of Jim's Junk.

BABE Rally 2010 Recce

Moving into the fifth year of the BABE Rally, we're making a few minor changes. So it's that time of year to drive the route, collect material for challenges (mainly ideas), meet hotel owners, find new places to annoy, and familiarize ourselves with this year's cop car colors.

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BABE Rally 2009 Wrap Article

My first question is: where on earth do we start for this wrap article?

The first mention has to be the StreetSafari forum. About six weeks from the event, someone posted the question, "Will BABE2009 Preparations section beat the highest Preparation section ever?" At first look it didn't seem possible. There were only 3,500 posts and there were 3,900 or so to beat (Staples2Naples 2006 Preparation section).

But a few calculations, and it looked like this year's prep section would beat it.

And that's where 2009 became special.

By the time the forum was closed on the Sunday night after Check In, the forum was running at 6,068 posts or so. It didn't just beat the next best, it crushed it.

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BABE2009 First Place Winner Team Manwall

BigApple2BigEasy 2009 Winners

The winners of BigApple2BigEasy 2009 Banger Rally are:

Pride of Cleveland
Unintended Acceleration
Biggest Banger:
the Hucklebucks
Best Theme:
Jointly Awarded
Jingle Benz
Mopar F-Body Phanatics
Most Misery:
Pedobear (aka The Ginger Kids)
Ogranizers Choice:
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BABE Rally 2009 Group Photo

The annual group photo is taken on Day 2, Costume Day, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The theme for 2009 is Astronauts. What kid didn't want to grow up to be an astronaut? Probably just not ones like these, though...

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BigApple2BigEasy 2009 Gallery

The BigApple2BigEasy 2009 Gallery is viewable as a slideshow or as a full gallery.

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