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H2R2013: A European Free-For-All!

For over a decade, StreetSafari has been the cutting edge of the Budget Rally industry. For 2013, the edge isn't the only thing we're cutting.

We're cutting the price.... to ZERO!

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Home2Rome 2011 First Place Winners Belgian Bastards

Home2Rome 2011 Winners

The winners of Home2Rome 2011 Banger Rally are:

Belgian Bastards
The Menace (Gibbo and Leo)
Duck Tape
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Home2Rome 2011 Group Photo on Stelvio Pass

Home2Rome 2011 Group Photo

H2R2011 Group Photo on Day 4, at the top of Passo dello Stelvio, Italy. Day 4 is traditionally Fancy Dress/Costume Day. The 2011 theme for European events is "Nurse". After this, we definitely needed a shot of something, that's for sure.

Let's just say that there were actually several shots taken, but by the time order was restored, these were the only two we could display on a public Internet.

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Team Belgian Bastards at the H2R2011 Start Line

Home2Rome 2011 Gallery

The Home2Rome2011 Gallery is viewable as a slideshow or as a full gallery.

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Car Mechanics Magazine on Home2Rome 2010

Car Mechanics have kindly allowed us to publish the articles from last year's Home2Rome Banger Rally that they attended. We look forward to seeing them on RatRod Banger Rally later this year!

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Home2Rome 2010 Wrap Article

Home2Rome 2010 was always going to be a special event. It was the event that was getting the most signups for the 2010 season, had a large number of veterans (good fun element assured), and for some reason had its own energy.

There are some events that are destined to go down as classic events to be on, and this was most certainly one of them.

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Home2Rome 2010 Group Photo

H2R2010 Group Photo on Day 4, at the top of Passo dello Stelvio, Italy. Day 4 is traditionally Fancy Dress/Costume Day. The 2010 theme for European events was "Nuns on the Run".

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H2R2010 First Place Winners Mad Hatters

Home2Rome 2010 Winners

The winners of Home2Rome 2010 Banger Rally are:

Mad Hatters
Fast & Furious: Flaming Hot
Speyside Stig
Biggest Banger:
Beauty and the Beast
Most Misery:
StreetSafari High Mileage:
Macchina Piena Di Idiot
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Home2Rome 2009 Video by Team Probe-le-Rome

This is the excellent video from Team Probe-le-Rome from Home2Rome 2009. Nice work, Dave and Stella!

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Home2Rome 2009 Group Photos

The Home2Rome 2009 group photo was taken in Bormio, Italy, on Fancy Dress/Costume Day. This year's theme is Top Gear's "The Stig". As usual, there were some very creative interpretations! We would expect nothing less.

There are three different shots in all. Right click the image if you want the small image, or single click the image for the full image.

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